Thank you both for handling my case. I very much appreciate your knowledge, patience and time that you devoted to my case. I was very pleased with the outcome of the case. They are very professional, honest, and they talk to you in a way that you can understand. – Mike K. – Lawsuit

I was treated with respect and my lawyer always kept me in the loop. He also won my case in a very timely fashion. They kept me informed and were so easy to talk to. I would recommend them to anyone. – William H. – Social Security

Helped me with a very interesting matter. Got the problem solved within a week. Professional, fair and timely. Great job. – Gregory M. – Family 

Will definitely use for any future legal matters. I was able to get appointment quickly. Straight talk about what’s needed. – Dwight F. – Family

They are very knowledgeable and know the in’s and out’s of the law, paperwork, etc. They are all very friendly, but also get down to business. They are on your side for the duration and do what they can to help. – Jennifer H. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly does a great job. His office staff is super helpful. If you have any questions they are there to help. I would recommend them to my friends and family. – Daniel H. – Social Security

Knowledgeable, friendly staff with good availability. Their dedication led to a good outcome and I would definitely use their services again if needed. – Kim S. – Social Security

Law Offices of Reilly & Skerston, LLC is always there for their clients. They are the best. – Cheryl V. – Real Estate

Experienced and efficient. Pretty much what you should be looking for when you need an attorney. – Cristina C. 

You and your staff helped me find the correct information of tests done while I was in the hospital to pass along to the Social Security office. I am sure that was the key for Social Security to review my original paperwork and information that they overlooked at the first and second reviews. This made it possible to have a favorable decision without having to appear in front of a Judge. – Ellen S. – Social Security

Both attorneys spent 30 minutes with me giving me guidance on how to handle a DCFS case in Cook County with no charge! I really appreciate their help and support, thank you! – Stephanie C. – Family

This was a difficult collection matter locating the debtor and more importantly getting payment. It was done quickly and efficiently. – Debby R. 

Everything was spelled out to me, all questions answered, made me really understand the process. They were quick and to the point and they got things done. Thank you. – Theresa H. – Family

Attorney Reilly and staff handled my concerns with prompt, professional, courteous care. They listened carefully to my concerns and acted accordingly. They came up with a proposal and asked my opinion before taking action. – J.D. – Civil Litigation

They did a wonderful job representing me and were able to finally get me my social security benefits. We always felt welcomed in the office, and when they were busy, they still took the time to answer our questions. They also took our concerns seriously. Thank you so much! – Craig R. – Social Security

Attorney Skerston and the staff made me feel comfortable. It was a pleasant experience dealing with them. I have already recommended someone else to them! – Cynthia T. – Family

Attorney  Reilly got the job done in a timely manner. He was able to work around our crazy schedule and they are genuinely nice people. They are not your typical lawyers……real people who practice law. – Dennis G. – Family

Service was attentive and friendly. The staff is welcoming and Attorney Reilly was committed and non-judgmental. – Brett H. – Criminal

Law Offices of Reilly and Skerston are very helpful and informative, willing to assist when they can! Highly recommend! – Kim – Family

I spoke with law office on a probate issue and they were very helpful giving me the information I needed. I would recommend using this law office. – Alison – Probate

Our attorney, nice man – Judy – Social Security

Attorney Reilly and his staff were awesome, very knowledgeable from day one.  They were straightforward when answering all of my concerns. – Mike E.- Social Security

I have worked with Attorney Reilly and his staff twice now and have been very pleased with the outcome of both situations. – Gina K. – Criminal

Attorney Reilly was very helpful in helping us with paperwork and prompt on letting us know what was needed.  He was pleasant to talk to. – Robert K. – Social Security

They were very understanding, kept in touch, and got things done in a timely manner – Natalie C. – Social Security

They were very professional and educated on all matters. They were very well to work with. – Bret P. – Family

Thank you for all of the hard work and excellent lawyering you’ve done on my behalf. – Trene A. – Family

Efficient and Friendly office and staff – Wayne F. – Personal Injury

They did a wonderful job working with me and helping me complete my case. They were professional and easy to talk to. – Connie B. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly was honest and blunt.  He told it like it is and I appreciated that. – Melvin B. – Family

They were very friendly and had an excellent attention to detail – William H. – Estate Planning

Attorney Skerston was professional, honest, friendly, and sincere. – Scott S. – Family

I never felt rushed or under pressure.  Attorney Reilly explained what his plan was and really helped me. – Steve A. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly was quick and honest.  – Gerald W. – Estate Planning

Attorney Skerston was very friendly and honest. – Keith D. – Estate Planning

The office staff is wonderful and very professional.  They kept me informed and fought for me for the best settlement. – LeeAnn S. – Lawsuit

Attorney Reilly was very thorough and informative – Melissa W. – Social Security

They told us what to expect up front and gave us what we needed to win our case – Michael M. – Estate Planning

They are local, reasonable, and all around helpful.  Attorney Reilly was upfront and honest. – Colby O. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly provided a great service – Cole H. – Traffic

They handled my work professionally and were easy to work with. – Michael E. – Family

Attorney Skerston was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job in preparing our Estate Planning paperwork. – Mr. & Mrs. Melvin D. – Estate Planning

The office is absolutely wonderful to work with. They are very patient and on point. – Beth M. – Estate Administration

Attorney Reilly was thorough yet to the point in our meetings. He put my mind at ease. The office staff are very friendly and Attorney Reilly is very knowledgeable. He helped me feel confident my case would resolve in my favor…. and it did! – Katrina B. – Unemployment Repayment

Attorney Reilly stood up for me and made my needs known to the State’s Attorney and Judge to the fullest extent of the law. He was very thorough in the legal proceedings – Phillip R. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly was very easy to work with. It did not take long to see the attorneys. – Corey S. – Divorce

Attorney Reilly is very good at what he does. He is also very professional. His office kept me informed on what was happening with my case. – James L. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly is very thorough with information and construction of divorce paperwork. He communicates with clients and discusses problems with them. – William L. – Divorce

Attorney Reilly treated me with kindness and respect. He knew the process and how to respond each step of the way. – Benjamin S. – Social Security

Attorney Skerston is highly knowledgeable and compassionate. I was made to feel comfortable from my first phone call to the office. She helped me navigate the unknown and arrive at a positive result. – Robin F. – Divorce

Attorney Reilly is a very knowledgeable, hardworking, and moral attorney. He was always very honest which made me feel that he knew what he was doing. – Ania E. – Family

Attorney Reilly is a fighter. He will get what is owed to you. – James S. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly and his office staff were very helpful and professional. Attorney Reilly was very passionate about his job and made sure I got the help I needed. – Lee Anne C. – Criminal

Attorney Reilly was experienced, professional, and provided me with reassurance about my case. – Gary H. – Criminal

The office is affordable and local to the area. Attorney Reilly was a pleasure to do business with. – Mitchell M. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly was very friendly and kept me very informed throughout the whole process. He answered all of my questions and listened to what I had to say. – Andrew P. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly works hard to make sure you don’t have to be stressed over the legal matters. Everyone in the office is a lot of help. – Lucia G. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly is straightforward and easy to work with. He answered all of my questions with ease. – Steven W. – Social Security

Law Offices of Reilly & Skerston are the best divorce lawyers that care for everyone. – Amy B. – Divorce

I found Attorney Reilly to be very professional and very committed to his clients. – Linda H. – Criminal

Attorney Reilly cares about the end results in court. – Holly H. – Criminal

I felt this law office team was very professional, understanding, and courteous. They are dedicated and answered all of my questions. – Jeanne R. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly has always provided utmost honesty and respect. – Jama W. – Estate Planning

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I was frequently updated on how my case was going. – Zachary C. – Traffic

Attorney Reilly gets the job done. He is kind and very friendly. – Darrin R. – Social Security

Attorney Reilly is knowledgeable of what a person needs. – Elaine L. – Divorce

Attorney Skerston was friendly and very helpful with getting my documents done. – Helen H. – Estate Planning